Turn Key Projects

Our inspiration is based on the personality and needs of our clients. Our final delivery allows you to move into your home immediately without having to do anything else other than enjoy. We take care of every single detail, from defining the furniture layout, purchase and design each item including furniture, lighting, decoration, personalized features, branding and even the scent of your home.

Custom Design +

We love customized pieces that integrate into the architecture of each space. From the design, to the development of shop drawings, as well as submitting material samples, we work hand in hand with carpenters, upholsterers and artisans to ensure the quality and beauty of each piece.

Renovations +

We can completely transform your current home or even just a space that needs a style update. Our team will design the new look of the space, coordinate the purchases and take you step by step through this transformation.

Shopping Guidance +

The experience we have in the national and international design markets allows us to guide you through the selection of the furniture and decoration that will integrate the design of your home, guaranteeing quality, comfort and life style based on your needs. If you want to get involved in the shopping process, we can take you on a unique experience in Mexico and visit the cities where contemporary design is thriving the most.

Art Curation +

We cultivate our presence in the art scene by bringing renowned and emergent artists around the globe and organizing art exhibitions in collaboration with our culture company LAB Baja, which allows us to present our clients with a portfolio of infinite possibilities.

Brand Identity +

Creating an image and a scent that identifies you, generates a stronger connection with the space you are living in. We develop this identity by selecting the name of your project and designing a logo that can be applied to different tangible elements such as signs, towels, robes, notebooks, slippers, hats, bags, personalized scents, and much more.



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